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Events are such an incredible way to get in front of your audience and connect with them in a deep diving way.

As much as the online world provides us with an amazing platform to share knowledge and build community, there is nothing more fulfilling than bringing that community together in person and engaging on a truly human level.



This can translate into so much instant goodness for you and your community...

Think positive change, instant impact, loyal connection, heightened social media presence, increased brand awareness and ultimately yes, more clients and sales.


When you look around, do you notice that a multitude of successful entrepreneurs you admire either include events on their yearly calendar in line with their launches and offerings, or that they grace a stage regularly?

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They do this because they know that events:

// Are a sure fire way to keep increasing their brand awareness

// Are a brilliant way to sell out their latest offering within a short amount of time

// Help generate social media buzz, free publicity and insane amounts of word of mouth recommendations

// Keep them relevant and in the public eye


Events can:

// Create to actionable and positive change

// Lead you to a community of people that make you feel like home

// Give you heart bursting moments of joy

// Motivate you, inspire you and MOVE you!

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Over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of creating, managing, assisting at and attending client events that have changed people’s lives forever. And, yes, I absolutely mean the forever part!


The complete and utter passion to provide a value packed and meaningful experience in everything they do has helped my clients gain thousands and thousands of raving fans and it’s no coincidence that it seems like everything they touch turns to gold.



They know that just like their eCourses, free resources, coaching offerings or service based offerings, their events need to be of a certain quality and standard.

I work diligently with my clients to make sure that their events are AMAZING and believe me, the effort always pays off.


Think of your events as a real life business card.


What do you want people’s experience of you and your business to be like? Warm, inviting, inclusive and genuinely generous? Or tired and uninspiring?


Show off the best bits of you and your business and you will always reap the rewards.


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If you are ready to say NO to:

// Showing up and sitting in a cold room, on a hard chair for 6 hours

// Dry content that doesn’t show you how to implement next steps

// Hosts who only care about the end sale, rather than providing value at every step

// Events that are boring, lackluster and dull


And you are ready to say YES to:

// Running events that make jaws drop and make people instantly feel special

// Being thoughtful around the guest experience and making it as delightful as possible

// Creating events that are fresh, inspiring and exciting in every way possible

// Digging deep into your event strategy and the purpose behind every decision

// Creating a new income stream that fills your programs, sells your offerings AND does your marketing for you for a whole year


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then come with me and let’s start a revolution, lovely!


Come and join the beautiful coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, founders, business communities, digital magazines, mentors, and even cafes who have worked with me and run successful and sold out events that rocked their audience’s socks off and left them wanting more!


It’s your time to find your signature style and help you run events with heart and soul!


I know that if you’re new to events, it’s hard to know where to start so I’m sharing with you my four foundations for any brilliant event that has impact and style.

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Everybody has a personal preference for the type of events they like to attend, as well as the types of events they would like to run. 

The most important thing is that you run an event that feels good for you! 

We'll look at the different types of events you can run and help you pick the perfect one for you and your business.

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A venue can be the difference between a good event and a great event. 

Finding a venue that you love that is also in your budget can be a little bit of a challenge, but it’s worth it to execute a dream event.

I will help you understand your ideal venue type and arm you with the info you need to find your perfect venue.




Now comes the fun part – creating an event that is perfectly you!

Events should be a beautiful reflection of your brand and your business and instantly feel like you when people walk in the door.

We are going to help you create a signature event that is instantly recognisable as you.

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The guest experience is what will take your signature event to new and exciting heights.

Offering a completely holistic experience that excites guests physically and emotionally is going to make you the next It Girl in your industry.

I will help you create a guest experience that is one that will be remembered... for a long time!

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 Each foundation is a separate module that contains the following:

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+ A downloadable audio lecture

+ A downloadable workbook

+ Printable cheat sheets to keep you on track


These four fabulous foundations will help you create and run unique and successful events that are remarkable in every way.

AND you will also access a bonus 4 part video training series that will help you:

+ understand what you want to achieve from your events and how to get it

+ how to prepare your event to give a full emotional and physical experience

+ the logistical elements you must consider

+ how to lead into your 1:1 services and other offerings in a genuine and aligned way


Once you have these under your wing, there’ll be no stopping you!


You will create successful events that are genuine assets to your business and will leave you the envy of the event world!




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get instant access to the content!


I can't wait for you to join us!

Got questions?  Check out of our FAQ HERE.



it's your time to make event magic lovely!

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